“My advice would be to go for the online TEFL course”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Nicola.

Overall the course was worth it. I also managed to qualify for the Covid 33% discount which they were offering at the time. This was a sweet deal and made taking the TEFL course an affordable option for me. The course I took was the 120-hour one. It did take me about 120 hours to finalize everything from start to finish. Emails were answered quickly and with efficiency and this meant a lot to me too. It’s my understanding that because of Covid most of the schools offering the TEFL in-person changed over to the online format. When I was researching which TEFL course to take this seemed a bit strange to me because the same schools were claiming that only in-person TEFL courses are recognized and it isn’t worth taking the TEFL online. My course showed that the online TEFL is just as important because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have been able to land an online teaching job with the certification. I think there is much competition between online and in-person schools. My advice would be to go for the online TEFL course because you save a load of money and you get the same certification in the end with the same teaching job possibilities.

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