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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Arisa.

The thing I liked most about this course was the activities and games that they include in the content, and the instructions they give of how to incorporate activities and games into your classes. This was so important for me because at first I assumed teaching TEFL might get a bit too old a bit too soon, mainly because I anticipated a lot of grammar tuition, etc. Even though there is a lot of grammar involved, and you certainly can’t avoid teaching grammar because it is an essential component of learning any language, activities and games turn practically any heavy subject into a potentially fun and enjoyable learning vessel. I can’t write for certain but I think OISE might have had some inspiration from the Danish and Dutch Learn By Play schooling system here. KUDOS to them if they did because now when planning lessons I always use at least one activity of game in any given lesson. At first, my students pushed against the concept of learning by game, but as they began to see the reasoning and logic behind this system of learning better they now expect them in each lesson. To conclude: Amazing course.

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