“TEFL Charity Warning”

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TEFL Charity Warning.

Trusted TEFL Reviews would like to point out that the person who submitted the following MyTEFL 5-star review was not able to sufficiently verify their course attendance. Usually, we would simply trash the review, as we do with any reviews that we receive which raise red flags for us. A red-flag review normally includes promotional language or is just so obviously written by the TEFL school that it is reviewing.

The reason why Trusted TEFL Reviews has decided to publish this review is that we thought it important to highlight the fact that some TEFL programs are claiming that they give to charity. Recently, we quizzed one particular program about its giving-to-charity claims, and it transpired that they only gave $18 to their charity cause in the past month. Yes, you read correctly: EIGHTEEN USD.

So whilst Trusted TEFL Reviews strongly encourages donating to worthwhile causes, we urge any readers who might be swayed by a program that claims to give to a charity to dig deeper and find out exactly how much the program does in fact donate to charity.

If the program is transparent, and if they have actually been giving a significant amount of funds to charity, then there is absolutely no reason why they can’t provide you with an itemized list of their charity donations for the past year.

If they can’t, or won’t do this for you, it might mean that their claims of “charity work” are just another marketing gimmick for them, in order to win over new customers.

We are not necessarily writing that this is the case with MyTEFL, but given their track record in other business areas, we would recommend just making sure that their charity claims check out against hard data – hence, the TEFL Charity Warning.

5 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Luis.

After many months of researching numerous online TEFL courses, I ultimately decided to choose MyTEFL due to the multiple positive recommendations and reviews that I came across during my research.
And what can I say? The 120-hour course plus the online teaching module met and even exceeded all my expectations I had when delving into the TEFL world!
All units are well-structured and presented in a very clear and concise manner. The examinations at the end of each subunit are a great way of checking the comprehension of the content presented. Also, many of the units contain very valuable information about websites, resources, and advice on how to teach English in the best way possible. And, of course, the Library! I do not know about other TEFL courses out there, but I am eternally grateful that MyTEFL included the Library with all its documents that will be of so much help once I start my teaching adventure.
Even though the course lacks actual teaching practice, it gives you all the tools necessary to succeed in the TEFL classroom. Plus, it details where the TEFL industry is currently and offers great advice on the different opportunities that prospective teachers can take advantage of.
Overall, I would say that if you are looking for a TEFL course in order to teach either abroad or online, MyTEFL offers the best course out there, hands down! They even donate to charity when you enroll and help you look for a job once you are done. I mean, what else would you want from a TEFL course?

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