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TESL Certification Canada ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Priah.

TESL Certification Canada.

I’m so happy that I decided to finally do a TEFL course online because since finishing college my life has taken a default monotonous journey which I had hoped to avoid. By this, I mean that I was stuck in a 8-6 job, over-worked, and only looking forward to the weekends for any sense of personal freedom. Taking the TEFL course has literally transformed my life in that now I work for myself, teaching English online, and I can (within reason) pretty much choose which hours I want to work and how many days off a week I want. Of course, I don’t have full control over my schedule, but I do have a lot more control than I had previously.

The ICAL TEFL course was instructive and my course tutor was very knowledgeable. I liked how I could study at my own pace and I also appreciated the way the course is divided into manageable sections. The way I saw the course was that it began quite easy and then became more difficult and intense as i proceeded through. It wasn’t too difficult. There was a healthy balance between having the ability to complete the modules and being pressed enough to use my brain power to a higher capacity.

The only downside to the course is that it isn’t officially accredited by an external body. ICAL TEFL doesn’t try to hide this fact, though, and they have promised that it will be possible to teach in other countries with the certification. Overall I am giving this course the top marks.

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