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TEFL Con The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Elisa.


I was conned by some woman who runs an affiliate website for TTA The TEFL Academy in Ireland/United Kingdom.

When I was conducting my due diligence on TTA (The TEFL Academy) her website kept showing up- masquerading as an impartial reviews website. She has a few tips on teaching, but mostly she evaluates TEFL programs and the one she pushes the most is the TEFL Academy. On every page, there was a popup banner, where you could click and save money on the TTA course. It’s only recently that I’ve found out that she works for the TEFL Academy and she earns a commission on each purchase. I don’t have anything against anyone making money on affiliate marketing, but the TEFL Academy course was terrible. It was full of errors, clumsily pieced together, and there wasn’t any of the support provided which was promised. I also had to pay $170 for the delivery of my TEFL certificate, which was on top of the almost 500 Euros which I paid for the course! The cherry on the stale cake was when I found out that the course isn’t even internationally recognized. It’s a con through and through. I have written to the Better Business Bureau to complain and have asked them to take down the affiliate website for false advertising. Avoid this TEFL program folks!

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  1. Elisa.

    We are sorry to read about your negative TEFL experience with The TEFL Academy.

    That TPRteaching website is operated by a TEFL Academy graduate who publishes under the name ‘Caitriona Maria’. Her real name is ‘Caitriona McTiernan’. She is a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for and earns a 20% commission on all TEFL Academy affiliate sales through her website.

    Back in March of this year, Caitriona left a review of The TEFL Academy on Trusted TEFL Reviews- a review stuffed with The TEFL Academy (TTA) marketing keywords. We declined to publish her review. She wasn’t too happy about our decision and wrote us an email full of expletives.

    We have previously warned people about her website. She is capable of exaggerating facts so that she can earn her affiliate marketing money- such as her claims that The TEFL Academy grads can earn $100 an hour teaching English online, which is an outright lie. Someone also complained that they took Caitriona’s advice about not needing a college degree to teach in South Korea, and they paid a heavy price for it.

    Caitriona’s website is propped up with strong backlinks from The TEFL Academy. That’s the only reason why it shows up high in the search results.

    We see that Caitriona has now begun reviewing TEFL programs, despite having only taught English at two 4-week summer camps. We also see how she has very little knowledge of TEFL and just seems to write what she feels will win more business for The TEFL Academy- including trashing The TEFL Academy’s business competition with defamatory content.

    We’ve also noticed that Caitriona has teamed up with Ian Leahy from Eslinsider, and is regurgitating the misinformation that he likes to spread online.

    This is the individual whom Caitriona and The TEFL Academy have aligned themselves with:

    If you feel that you have been scammed by The TEFL Academy, as so many others have ( you should contact your bank for a chargeback.

    If successful, we recommend choosing a far more reputable TEFL course provider:

    Mia Williams.

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