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Teaching in Lisbon Oxford Seminars review, submitted by Marina.

Teaching in Lisbon.

It was a great idea taking the Oxford Seminars course because they have a rep in Lisbon, who helped me find a job there. It was a 4-week course and by the end I felt relatively confident enough to teach in any given classroom size. One word of warning, though. Lisbon isn’t as cheap as it’s made out to be in the guidebooks. you can find an apartment for under 500 Euros per month, but you are going to be in a crappy neighborhood. My advice is to follow what I did. I couchsurfed for the first few months and then flat-shared. this meant I was able to live in the centre of the city without paying through the nose. The schools do pay well in Lisbon. but because it’s the capital city everyhing is more expensive than say compared with Porto or other larger cities. If you do decide to come here to teach you won’t be disappointed with your students. So far my Portuguese students have been so warm and welcoming. It’s a very sociable scene and I’m out most evenings with friends- many of whom are my students. the food is delish and the weather, although breezy in the winter months, is mostly sunny and warm. and when you need a break, it’s only an hour’s drive or so to cross the border into Spain.

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