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Teaching in Prague tefl online pro review, submitted by Judy.

Teaching in Prague.

I always wanted to teach in Western/Central Europe. I majored in English Literature and the romantic in me envisioned myself sipping coffee on the banks of the Seine, or chugging down glasses of Absinthe. The absinthe won the romantic duel as it is far easier finding teaching work there. France is a beautiful city, but it just seemed so expensive to live there on an ESL teachers’ salary. I chose the TEFL Online Pro program because they said they could help land me a job in Prague. I took their 120 hour course because I didn’t have any teaching experience at the time. I still don’t have any teaching experience because I’m not scheduled to start my teaching job in Prague until mid September, but I’ve already managed to learn a few local phrases and Paul from the office put me in touch with a few of their grads already teaching over there. The course was pretty good. Probably your standard TEFL course. They provide lots of support, so you never get the feeling you are being left to your own devices. Paul also helped me with getting all my ducks lined up in a row in terms of the visa and also by advising me which schools should be avoided and which are the ones worth applying to. I’ve signed two teaching contracts for two different schools, so I’m going to be hitting the Prague ground running. I’ve read that it’s pretty normal to teach for more than one school over there and it’s beneficial for the teacher anyway as it provides more job security. I have been so impressed with the support from TEFL Online Pro. They really seem to care and are very knowledgeable in all things TEFL. I can’t wait to get started!

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