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Teaching in Costa Rica Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Jen.

Teaching in Costa Rica.

I was looking to do my TEFL certification in person, instead of online, especially after a year of working/quarantining during the pandemic. I appreciated they were pretty affordable, helpful from the start, answering all my questions promptly, and I would be able to travel to Costa Rica (again) safely and fairly easily Though the housing wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I was able to adapt and not let it effect me, other than my initial anxiety upon arriving and coming out for dinner to a huge group of people. As far as the school is concerned, we had 2 incredible instructors, Jackie and Claudia… there are not enough adjectives to describe them. They had incredible rapport, energy, compassion, knowledge, enthusiasm and were more than patient and helpful. I felt like I could talk to them about anything (in a safe space) and they never got frustrated with us. There were definitely some tough love moments, but it was always balanced with compassion and empathy. The course is REALLY HARD and will challenge you maybe more than you expect, but it’s worth it! Manuel Antonio and Quepos are beautiful, you will have some time to do things you want to do and explore, if you keep up with your work, and the people of Costa Rica are beautiful and Pura Vida!!! I am so thankful and blessed to have been able to give myself this gift and I feel if you are looking for a program, this is it!

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