“Perfect!!! The course is organized and the content is well presented”

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UNI-Prep review, submitted by Donna.

Perfect!!! The course is organized and the content is well presented, making it an all-round user-friendly experience for the student. It is a modular style course which means that you complete one section after another, with motivating quiz questions after every module. This was a perfect system for me personally because I am not a big fan of having to take one big important test at the end of a course. Instead, Uni Prep grades you as you go. It was my first time doing an online course but didn’t have any difficulties. There is also tutor support if you need it. I needed help a few times and the responses I received were professional and helpful. Also, the feedback from tutors on submitted assignments is very helpful and very valuable. I found the grammar section was definitely an eye-opener for me because I discovered and learned so much about my own language that I never thought even existed. This really helped me start to understand what learning English is like from a student’s perspective. I would highly recommend Uni Prep to anyone wanting to do TEFL online.

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