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“This is my 4.5/5 TEFL Online Pro review”

4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Kerry.

This is my 4.5/5 TEFL Online Pro review.

Choosing which TEFL course take was no easy task. I thought there would be one school providing the certification. Oh no. There are literally hundreds of them. Some seemed more professional sounding than others. Just to make my life easier, and to insure myself from getting scammed, I went with the highest rated one. TEFL Online Pro. Besides being the top rated course, I also really liked how their website was designed and that they got back to me really quickly when I contacted them.

The course was without major issues. I did think that the first module was a little too easy, but as I continued through the course I understood that it was designed to start easy and gradually develop in difficulty. I found the module on Phonics really confusing. My tutor Claire helped me a lot with this one and made certain that I understood everything before I went on to the next section. The support she gave was excellent and she was always available at short notice. Everything comes together nicely when it’s time to write the second lesson plan and the feedback I got from it was so helpful. Claire helped me see where I still needed to improve on the structure and delivery.

What I also really liked about the course was that there were no unwelcome surprises. I was never asked to pay more than what I paid at the start of the course. i.e. there were no hidden fees that I read happening to some people who took some other courses. I only paid for the course and that was that. This bought me access to the course, help along the way from Claire, the TEFL/TESOL certificate, and lifelong access to job support services.

Finding work was much easier than I’d thought possible. I just assumed the job market would be saturated what with all the Covid teachers dominating the market. This wasn’t the case. It took me a week to get my first couple of lessons online and I’m now up to teaching full-time. I could have found work without TEFL Online Pro’s help. With their help though, it was possible to avoid the scams and get a much fuller picture when it came to hourly rates, contracts, etc.

I am a very satisfied customer and I recommend the program to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable way of getting TEFL certified and securing well-paid teaching work online.

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