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“Vantage is generally considered to be the best option for in-class or combined TEFL course options in Thailand”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Richard.

I liked that Vantage Thailand was accredited, the initial evaluation, and the level of support that the program itself had. Enrolling was fairly simple. I graduated from high school in ’94, so I hadn’t taken a class in what seemed like an eternity. I had been out of the classroom for that period of time. It was difficult for me to acclimate at first, but I thought that the way Vantage had the classes set up was to get you acclimated. From the first couple of classes, everything was very well organized so it got you acclimated to writing and using the resources. The first few classes got you using all of the things that were available. I was a better student/teacher by the final module than I was at the beginning. I’m not sure how Vantage is operating now for foreign students, given that most of Thailand are closed, but I’ve heard that it is still possible to travel over to Bangkok. You only need to spend $$$ on quarantine arrangements and have all your paper ducks lined up in a row before you get on an outbound flight. Everyone here is hoping here that by the end of 2021 all restrictions will be lifted and it won’t be such a financial burden to enter Thailand. Vantage is generally considered to be the best option for in-class or combined TEFL course options in Thailand. They have their main school located in downtown Bangkok but have other contacts all around the country. So if your long-term plan isn’t to teach in Bangkok, there are still other options open around the country, and Vantage helps with this.

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Vantage TEFL is the Best Online and Combined TEFL course option in Thailand, Asia.

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