“I recently went through the TeflOrg Level 5 online Tesl course program”

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2 star online tefl review

TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Ian.

I recently went through the TeflOrg Level 5 online Tesl course program. I chose the program because I thought their website looked very professional and I also chose them because of the many positive reviews they have on reviews.io. The reviews.io counter is on their homepage. I’ve since found out that reviews.io is one of those websites where anyone can write a review. There is no verification process. It’s obviously some kind of reviews scam website as far as I’m concerned. When it came to the TeflOrg course, I thought it was reasonable. They don’t go into so much depth, but this is a quick online course so I was kind of expecting this. This online setting though is basically a Tefl mill as you learn everything by yourself but are required to pay top dollar so that you can have some online tutor in some random country “grade your progress.” I was not happy with my tutor – they would answer my questions as simply as possible without any engagement. I am not sure they even read half my work because I would get 100 percent on papers that I know were less than stellar. To be fair, I am sure all online schools have this same issue, however, I wish I would have spent the money that I saved so hard for else wear. One other point- I didn’t receive any of the job support help advertised. I completed all tasks, received my certification, and that was the last I heard from TeflOrg. There are many Tesl programs and unless you want to struggle to find work, I would recommend choosing a different program.

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