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“I really appreciated the format of the course”

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The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jake.

I believe TEFL Academy offers an advantage to those who are not able to stop working to study for the TEFL certificate. I certainly fell in this category. I wouldn’t have been able to take anywhere near the time off required to take an in-person TEFL course. For this reason, I decided to enroll in TEFL Academy. The course was with the help of an online tutor who was personally assigned to me. However, I must say the tutor, while they did offer some support, didn’t give very much feedback on my assignments. I definitely feel like the feedback could have been a lot better. Despite this negative, I really appreciated the format of the course. It is divided into many different sections and at the end of each you take a test (the tests were not too difficult) and then you are automatically given access to the next section. I had never done any teaching before per se, so it was all relatively new to me and extremely engaging. You have to pay more for the certificate so be prepared for this when you pass the course. I am pretty happy with the choice I made and hope to start teaching soon.

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