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“I can write that this school has been a terrific fit”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Colette.

I have to say that in the beginning, I was very skeptical taking the TEFL online. After having been in education for over twenty years, obtaining my degrees via the traditional college program route, I was not entirely sold on the idea of distance learning. However, having completed the program, I can write that this school has been a terrific fit. The school administration were very quick to respond to any questions I had, and continue to be so even though I have now completed the course. My tutors were extremely knowledgeable and gave great advice. This made the learning seem more in real time, as opposed to having to wait for ages for feedback. Because of this fast response time, I was able to complete the course in under two weeks. Therefore, I am very impressed by the professionalism they have showed me as a student. I feel very well prepared and am looking forward to getting started teaching English online. Thanks TEFL Online Pro!!!

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