“my advice is to give the iTTT TEFL paid tutor service a miss”

3 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Amber.

I paid extra for tutor access but the extra money wasn’t worth it. The instructor sometimes took days before getting back to me and I sensed push back when I asked questions. I’m not somebody who needs their hand held, but I did have a legitimate questions about the course and was hoping for far greater help with these concerns. By the time I got a reply back I was further on in the course so the answers provided were mostly irrelevant. This left me feeling stupid that I had paid extra for this service and I definitely wouldn’t recommend paying for this tutor support if you are considering iTTT TEFL yourselves. I did like the course though. Despite there being some spelling errors, I thought it covered everything that a new teacher needs when starting out teaching English. Some of the videos were good too, but the main strength of this course is its content. You get to learn a whole load of different aspects of teaching, including some really useful student activities which I made sure to make a copy of, and they do provide some help with job hunting afterwards. It’s not a huge amount of help but it will be enough to point you in the right direction. If you are looking for a basic TEFL Course which will tick the box for getting work then this might be the course for you. However, my advice is to give the iTTT TEFL paid tutor service a miss.

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