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“an honest and fair assessment of my time at Bridge TEFL in its online, TESOL program”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Terry.

Here is an honest and fair assessment of my time at Bridge in its online, TESOL program. First and foremost, let’s discuss ACCREDITATION. Yes, it is internationally accredited, and No it is not nationally accredited, so while you can find work with the certification overseas it isn’t possible to use the certification within the U.S. TUTORS. There are no professors that teach classes per se. They can be more accurately described as “facilitators” or “moderators”. They don’t grade assignments stringently. When I had a question or needed assistance, it would be hit-or-miss when it came to getting a response from them – depends on the day. For example, I was having technical difficulty submitting an assignment. So, I emailed the tutor to ask for help resolving the technical issue. I was able to submit the assignment the next day by resubmitting my work in a different file type; but, I never received a response from the tutor. As far as the tutor’s abilities, they did possess the appropriate knowledge that you would think a TESOL tutor should have. STAFF SUPPORT. I believe that the staff was friendly and helpful, and I don’t have anything negative to say. I always received great customer service when I called Bridge. COURSE DIFFICULTY. It’s not difficult at all. I believe most people could easily pass the courses. It was almost too easy, but for me, it was a relief since I was working a full-time job at the time and I wouldn’t have been able to maintain a too-demanding course and have to work 10-hour shifts. COURSE COST. Bridge TEFL is cheaper than taking the TESOL in an in-person program but is on the high end of the cost compared with other online programs. I can’t know if the extra cost is worth it because I can’t compare. JOB PROSPECTS. What I have to say about this is theoretical since I haven’t begun a job search yet. My current work contract runs up until July 2021 and then I will take a look at teaching overseas employment options. I read somewhere that Bridge help with this so I will contact them when I am ready to begin a search. BRIDGE RECOMMENDATION. I would recommend the Bridge TESOL program to people looking to add to their resumes and teach English overseas. If money is an issue, I would recommend looking into a less expensive program.

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