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“Absolutely perfect score experience and I absolutely recommend the program”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Shelby.

I recommend TEFL Online Pro because the course was very easy to follow and there was excellent support throughout, also because I was able to find teaching work easily when it came time to making good use of the certificate. I chose this program because of all the positive reviews they have. Winning the Teachers’ Choice Award also factored in to my decision making when I enrolled in the course. Another big plus for me was that the course is self paced, so it was possible to complete the modules when I had the time to sit down and focus on the materials. It took me two and a half weeks to complete the course (120 hour Professional) and that was working on it a few hours a day during the week and then much more intensively over the weekends. What I also liked was that I was able to begin the course when I wanted to and I had three months to complete it. I didn’t need the three months but it was reassuring to know that the time was there in case something cropped up and I needed to put it on hold for a while. TEFL Online Pro are really on the ball the whole time- I always received very fast responses to any inquiries/questions, my certificate and recommendation letter were delivered the same week as I finished the course, and I had lots of help with information on how and where to look for teaching work online. Within three weeks of completing the course I had my first firm job offer and now two months later I am literally having to turn down work because I have so many students. I can’t comment on other online TEFL/TESOL programs but I would be very surprised if they offer the same as TEFL Online Pro do. Absolutely perfect score experience and I absolutely recommend the program.

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