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eLearning TESOL Certification The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Sarah.

eLearning TESOL Certification.

I did the Tefl Academy Level 5 elearning Tesol certification course. The overall learning experience was good and I learned a great deal of information. On the other hand, I noticed a number of spelling mistakes and grammar errors in the course- comma splices were a recurring issue. It really surprised me that a course aimed at English teachers would contain such elementary English language errors. I’m afraid that these glaring details did cast a shadow over my general assessment of the course. Tefl Academy should really have someone professional go through the course and correct all the errors. It just looks bad and doesn’t give a good impression at all. On a more positive note, I did persist with finishing the course and I can now look forward to making good use of the certificate. Tefl Academy run an impressive jobs board, if teaching abroad is your plan, so as I will be wanting to teach online I will be looking around on the web for those jobs leads. It’s a bit of a jungle out there, with so many companies to choose from, so I guess I’ll just hunker down for a week and do my due diligence on which of them I want to apply to. I am glad that I went ahead with my Tefl certification, although I’m not certain if Tefl Academy was the absolute best choice I could have made. Nonetheless, I am Tefl qualified now and I am looking forward to getting down to the business of teaching.

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