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“I learned the hard way. Please don’t make the same mistake as I did”

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150 Hour TESOL Online Learn TEFL review, submitted by Zoey.

150 Hour TESOL Online.

Here is my review of Learn TEFL’s 150 Hour TESOL Online ‘Master’ course.

In hindsight, I made the mistake of trying to save $$$ by zoning in on a teaching English training deal on Groupon that at the time just seemed too good to be true. But I was blinded by the huge 86% discount which was pushed at the time as being a limited time offer, and which has since been on limited time offer for the many months since I took this sloppy course.

Among some of the course elements claimed to come with the Learn TEFL course, include ’12 Comprehensive Modules’, ‘Job Assistance’, ‘Personalised Tutor Access’, and ’24/7 accessibility from any device’.

I was able to complete each module in under an hour. Definitely not ‘comprehensive’

There was no ‘job assistance’. When you complete the course, Learn TEFL close your account and that’s the end of any communication with the company.

I didn’t receive any ‘Personalised Tutor Access’.

The course was accessible 24 hours a day, but the course works best on a laptop. It works patchy on an iPad. Forget trying to complete any of the course on your phone. The course isn’t responsive enough for any work on a phone.

The certificate Learn TEFL issue can’t be legalized. Well, mine wasn’t accepted when I needed it legalized for the teaching job I was accepted for.

You really get what you pay for. A course that is on constant 86% discount just won’t cut it for you. It didn’t cut it for me. The cheap cheap cheap online TESOL courses might seem like incredible deals, but they are incredible deals for a reason.

To conclude. A Learn TEFL course is going to be a waste of money and time.

You might be able to get some work with the certificate, but most institutions won’t take you seriously if you have it on your resume.

I learned the hard way. Please don’t make the same mistake as I did.

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