“Objectively I am giving TEFL Org a 50% rating of 2.5 stars”

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120 Hour Premier Online TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Jacqueline.

120 Hour Premier Online.

As a newcomer to TEFL I decided to play it safe and chose a middle of the road 120 hours course. I chose the first one which popped up on my screen: TEFL Org. The website looked believable enough and I saw they have many positive reviews on reviews.io- something they must be extremely proud of because they have this pasted as a banner on their homepage. I have since learned though that reviews.io isn’t a completely believable source for reviews (an understatement) so this might explain some of the outstanding reviews of this program on there, and explain the amount of positive reviews they receive on any given day in the week. I do though consider the TEFL Org program to have been pretty decent. It didn’t blow me away or anything like that but it helped me in the process of obtaining my TEFL certificate and as online courses go this one was a good one. My favorite part of the 120 Hour Premier Online course were the explanations of the different teaching styles- a real eye opener for someone like me who only knew the traditional style of teacher screaming at children when I attended school many moons ago 🙂 The certificate wasn’t free but it wasn’t drastically expensive either. It looks great on my wall and I hope to be able to take full advantage of it on the job market soon 🙂 TEFL Org just send you a list of TEFL job websites and this covers their backs with their promises of “extensive post-course international job guidance”. I could have found this information out for myself but nonetheless it was a help. Objectively I am giving TEFL Org a 50% rating of 2.5 stars. Perhaps I’ll reconsider this rating when I start teaching and see just how relevant the course materials were in prepping me for the TEFL classroom. I’m neither blown way, nor deflated by my experience. The course definitely doesn’t warrant 10x 5-star reviews per week though on that reviews.io website which TEFL Org are so proud of using for their marketing process to sell more courses. I hope that this review has been helpful for potential TEFlers who might be considering the TEFLOrgUK course for their TEFL certification. Jacqueline.

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