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“There wasn’t any help with a job search”

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South Africa TEFL Courses The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Douglas.

South Africa TEFL Courses.

First, I was attempting to achieve my TEFL online due to being employed full-time. I don’t know whether any in-person training programs are still operating in these virus pandemic times, but I did my research and it is clear that a TEFL earned online is just as good. So this was the first box ticked. The Tefl Academy program kept showing when I Google searched for online Tefl courses, so I filled out the enrollment form, paid, and began the course. They are a company based out of Johannesburg in South Africa. It’s an English-speaking country so I felt comfortable proceeding. I must write that the course is well designed. It looks great and was easy to navigate. The course materials were nicely arranged too and they make sense as you proceed through each section. But I won’t be recommending the Tefl Academy to anyone. What drove me to that decision? Absolutely no instruction or engagement with the program professors/staff. They wouldn’t respond to emails and it was hopeless trying to get a hold of anyone on the phone. Why should I pay top dollar for a course where I am the student and teacher? There wasn’t any help with a job search either. Do yourself a favor and find another school for Tefl certification. Preferably one with a support structure so you can receive direction and help. There is a bevy of choices.

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The TEFL Academy Warning! Before you decide whether to choose to take your TEFL certification with this company, we strongly urge you to read the following TEFL Academy/TTA Scam article:

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