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“I was pleased with my ITA online course study”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Samantha.

I was pleased with my ITA online course study. It isn’t a self-paced study program like the other ones I saw promoted online. You have a certain time to start and complete the course. I liked this set up because it meant I couldn’t drag my feet and so I was time-forced to complete everything on time. A good thing for someone like me who likes to procrastinate a lot. I thought the lessons contained in the course were excellent at showing me as a future teacher how to present topics to students in a fun but informative way. There were also assignments where I needed to submit lesson plans and these were graded and suggestions for edits were provided. I always got quick replies back. This was really important for me because I needed the guidance, and the guidance was provided. I’m probably going to wait until Spring 2021 to begin planning my abroad adventures, when it becomes possible again to make international travel trips, and when I do I am confident that the support will be there to further guide me through the employment abroad process. Roll on 2021!

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