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Is World TESOL Academy Legit?


We currently don’t have any reviews for the World TESOL Academy Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program.

However, Trusted TEFL Reviews did recently receive this post by one of their recent customers:

“I just wanted to make you aware of this company called world tesol academy because I see you have no reviews about them . I have tried to submit reviews on other platforms, but because they are paid platforms, such as Go Overseas, the bad reviews don’t get shown and because I didn’t complete the course, they don’t believe me that I took their course. The truth is that I paid for the course $34 and it was so bad that I thought I would try to get a refund and when I ask for a refund they ignored me. I sent them some very upsetting emails and they still ignored me and then denied me access to the course. This company has totally scammed me. I should have listened to my friends about taking a cheap course but I didn’t have much money. I will now start all over again and find a new course provider.”

Your introductory, zero-review rating does mean that you will need to begin (alphabetically) at the bottom of the Trusted TEFL Reviews ranking table and then work your way up, once we begin receiving verified customer reviews, written by real people.

So, is World TESOL Academy legit? We would like to hear from any graduates who have taken one of their courses.

2.10.2021 UPDATE: World TESOL Academy have begun receiving verified customer reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews:

Mia Williams

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  1. Not sure whybthis school is wvwn on this recommended list of not accredited at all by any known credible institution?

    I inquired direct with thier accreditation agency Accredidat. See convo string. Don’t be fooled, do your homework people. I and a group of friends almost fell for this scam.

    Convo string:

    Thank you. I was afraid that would be your answer.

    As you and I both know, the UKRLP is merely a registry site for disseminating information on education providers whom have registered with them. It is not a accreditation body.

    Further, the Education and Skills Funding Agency only operates this registry (UKLRP) and ONLY verifies that the agency or organization exists.

    Additionally, they provide no endorsements or quality assurance on ANY scale. More to the point, not as a legitimate accreditation organization that represent quality and endorsments accepted amoung learning/teaching institutions for either international or domestic standards.

    If I am miss understanding this in any way, please feel free to educate me, as my goal is to acquire an industry standard accredited certification for TESOL.


    Tony Berg

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    Date: Tue, Dec 29, 2020, 5:54 AM
    Subject: RE: ACCREDITAT Enquiry from Website – Tony Berg – 29.12.2020
    To: M E

    Hi Tony

    Yes, World TESOL Academy is accredited by ACCREDITAT and their certification will demonstrate this. They offer a high-quality course.

    UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers)

    ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351.
    Registration on the UKRLP means that we have been verified against a recognised UK legal source.


    From: M E
    Sent: 28 December 2020 21:47
    Subject: ACCREDITAT Enquiry from Website

    To whome it may concern,

    World TESOL Academy ( represents itself to have completed and qualified under your strict agency accreditation process, as a ESL certification provider.

    I am simply trying to confirm that this is the case, therefore any certificate earned via thier training systems will be “certified as accredited” by your organization and meet international standards.

    Please forgive this line of questioning. There are so many agencies offering these courses and many appear not to by accredited by a reputable accreditation service.

    Thank you,

    Tony Berg

  2. I wouldn’t bother getting a cheap tesol certificate as they are not valued by employers and I’ve heard some bad things about World TESOL Academy. Their accreditation is just an independent accreditor, not government regulated, so it’s basically just a company you pay money to and they say you are accredited.
    I would stay away if I were you and find a reputable course provider.

  3. Was going to take their $34 Tefl course myself. They seemed legit and the price was much lower than other programs who also offer the 120-hour Tefl online.
    That was until I did some digging around and discovered that World Tesol Academy apparently started out with a fake accreditation website which they created for themselves.
    The accreditation was ETQC and their certificates still show this name.
    I also read online about someone complaining that it just took them 2.5 hours to complete their “120-hour” course.
    Can’t imagine that the Accreditat accreditation that World Tesol Academy have now can be that reliable either, given that they have agreed to give this sort of company full accreditation.

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