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“I’m giving Intesol three stars”

3 star online tefl review

INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Kellianne.

This was a quick, no-hassle way for me to get a hold of the Tefl certificate – the certification required by most employers if you want to teach English. I still haven’t worked out what the difference is between Tefl and Tesol. I’m guessing they are the same terms for the same certification? The certificate you get through the Intesol program is the Tefl certificate. Intesol do claim that their Level 5 Tefl course is “Celta equivalent” but when I looked further into it I saw this isn’t the case. Still though, it’s a great course and the online teaching practice was a really helpful component of the course. I did pretty well on the course – finishing with one of the top grades – and I put this down to the quality of the instruction, as well as the decision I made to work as hard as I could on it. My certificate was delivered a month after I had completed the course – Intesol certificates are sent out from India, so it can take a while for the delivery – and I haven’t had any issues using the certificate for my online teaching work. There is a lot of teaching work online around now, obviously because of Covid, and I do wish I had had more help to sift through the many, many schools offering online teaching work. Nevermind though because I have been able to find work, teaching English online, and I’m looking forward to traveling overseas to teach when it again becomes possible to do so. I’m giving Intesol three stars. This is a great program.

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