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“Get TEFL certified Canada. My OISE University of Toronto TEFL course feedback”

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Get TEFL Certified Canada OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Becky.

Get TEFL certified Canada. My OISE University of Toronto TEFL course feedback.

My father purchased the course for me for my birthday and it was possibly the most useful present I’ve ever received. Because my father knows someone working at the university, I also managed to get a reasonable discount; meaning it didn’t cost an arm and a leg and meaning I knew I was in a safe pair of hands. I’m really pleased my father chose this school for my TEFL certification. Having looked at other comparable schools offering the TEFL in Canada (specifically in Toronto and Vancouver, where most of the Canadian TEFL schools are based out of) it was obvious to me that University of Toronto TEFL and Teach Away offer a far superior learning experience and postcourse support.

I could have taken up to 6 months to complete the whole of the course, but I needed just a month and a half. The first month was taken up by the methodology part of the online segment, and then the remaining 2 weeks were spent completing the teaching practice segment. The (online) segment was thorough and my online tutor was excellent. She encouraged me to continue on when my motivation fell and she responded with constructive feedback when I sent off my course modules for marking. When I finished the course I was connected with Teach Away (the sister company of University of Toronto TEFL) and they helped me get my resume up to par and provided me with an exhaustive list of online schools they recommend teaching for. I honestly don’t have anything negative to write about my University of Toronto/Teach Away experience.

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