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“The course program fees were within my budget range”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Elissa Stein.

Of all the Tefl courses I researched, Tefl Online Pro seemed to have the most consistently positive student and graduate feedback. The course program fees were within my budget range, so I took a chance and enrolled. There were a few teething problems at the beginning because my partner paid the course for me, and so he was registered as a student and not me, despite him clearly writing about this on his payment form. When he wrote to Paul Murphy (course tutor) he quickly remedied the problem and soon after that I was all set to go. – There weren’t any problems from then on. I completed the course in 3.5 weeks and along the way the support from Paul was nothing short of being wonderful. Paul was very professional, attentive, and his feedback on my lesson plans were super helpful. – As promised on the website, I was sent my certificate, with a unique international registration number, and my letter of recommendation, less than a week after I completed all 12 modules and 2 extra units. I began teaching English online the same month that I began taking the course. – Many thanks to Paul and Tefl Online Pro!

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  1. Hello Elissa,

    Thank you very much for your review. We really appreciate it!

    You have brought up a great point about course access 🙂

    When a customer purchases their course, they receive access to their private course study area instantaneously.
    The system is set up in such a way that course access is automatically assigned to the person who has purchased the course.

    If a course has been purchased for someone else, we manually update the personal details of the student within the course system. This usually takes just a couple of hours at most.

    Wishing you continued teaching English success, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

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