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“for teaching English in thailand imho there can surely be no other better option than Vantage”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Darren.

I can’t be sure whether this certification is as valued outside of thailand as it is inside the country but for teaching English in thailand imho there can surely be no other better option than Vantage. Before I committed to the course I researched all the other TEFL options in the country and Vantage just seemed to have the most consistent alumnus feedback. And an added advantage for me was their downtown bangkok location which meant I didn’t need to travel to far and pay out extra accommodation fees when I completed the onsite teaching hours. This is one of those combined hybrid courses where you take the first part of the course online and the second part consists of observed practical teaching. Both were excellent. Really excellent. Vantage have that customer is first work ethic that I love so much about living in thailand in general. Not only were they supportive when I got stuck on certain parts of the online modules but they were equally as supportive when it came to providing me with feedback on my taught lessons. I have noticed that schools have began increasing teachers’ salaries lately, because of a dire need for native English teachers, so there has never been a better time to begin teaching in thailand. If you are already in the country that is. I think it is still possible to travel to thailand on a confirmed work visa even in these covid times, but I’ve heard it’s a bit of a pain to do so now because of all the additional entry requirements so I’d advise waiting until 2021 if you were wanting to teach here. Many people write off teaching in Bangkok because of the noise and pollution but I love it here. Besides, if I need a beach or mountain fix then it’s only an hour’s flight away.

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