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“I recommend (if you have the $$$$ available) taking the TEFL with UoT TEFL”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Cristal.

My main reason for choosing the UoT TEFL course was because I live in the Toronto area and it was the only TEFL provider I could find which was actually based in the city. Or, maybe the only one I could be certain was based in a bricks and mortar Toronto city location. Compared with a lot of these other TEFL courses offering tuition online, UoT is up there with the price tag. But (and I see this is a general trend from other reviews) I wasn’t paying for the course myself, so with basically a blank checkbook I signed up for their online course version of their in-class TEFL courses 🙂 Some reviews in 2019 complained of an absence of student feedback and shoddy customer service. I definitely never experienced this. Each work assignment was marked and graded in good time and came with informative feedback. The course went deep into the materials (something I valued) and from an academic institute with an international name for quality education, I wasn’t surprized by this high level of tuition. The school also provided me with an online tutor, who answered my questions really well. I think taking a TEFL course without guidance is a bit like paddling a canoe down rapids without a paddle. So if you choose UoT TEFL because of this review then great. If it doesn’t convince you (likely because of the high introduction fees) then my advice is to chose a provider which offers the online tutor course service. Otherwise, you will find yourself up river without a reliable navigation tool. I’ve had no problems at all using the certification since graduating. Therefore, I think you know why I recommend (if you have the $$$$ available) taking the TEFL with UoT TEFL.

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