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ITTO review, submitted by Robyn.

The course looked a little intimidating at first, having absolutely no past experience in teaching at all, but as soon as I started I realized that the course had been designed for people like myself, with no previous teaching experience. That’s not to say this course was easy. It wasn’t. but the way the lessons are structured makes it relatively easy to navigate through the course stages and I thought the materials were presented really well. The parts where I got stuck the most were when it came to grammar. Understanding the grammar rules was just a matter of reading and taking in the information, but the difficult part was in understanding the techniques of how to present and teach the grammar. I learned that timelines are really useful tools for this and I always use one when teaching grammar time tenses to students. Another area where I slipped up a bit was phonetics. The table of phonemes can seem overwhelming at first. My advice here is not to worry about trying to memorize the whole table. I mean, you can if you want to, but just having it at hand when teaching, as a reference chart, is absolutely acceptable and the phonetic chart is very useful for pronunciation classes because it simplifies the process of explaining how sounds in English are voiced. I think because there is so much information contained within the course that no one can realistically expect to absorb all the information, and I found that learning and teaching is an ongoing process as I teach more and more classes and gain more and more experience. This course though was an excellent introduction to teaching and I have no regrets about choosing ITTO.

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