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“I have no idea if they really teach anything or not”

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Is Henry Harvin Education Legit Henry Harvin Education review, submitted by Joe.

Is Henry Harvin Education legit?

Any positive reviews you read are fake about Henry Harvin. This is a big scam. I have no idea if they really teach anything or not. Their website looks real but I doubt it is a real educational institution. I received a blind email which read:

Hey ********** J
Are you interested in applying for a 22$/hour English Teaching Job Online?

Companies like VIP Kids, Qkids, Dada ABC are hiring 10000+ ESL teachers each month due to recent surge in demand in Asian countries.

To analyze your profile and suggest suitable requirements to help you get this job.
Book a Free ESL On-Call Consultation: Click Here


Michael *****
ESL Job Consultant

First of all, how did they get my email? They do not have my resume or know anything about me.
Second, just to see what would happen, I clicked on the link and scheduled an “interview”. I then scheduled a Zoom video interview with someone named Linda.

I then received this email:


Your Career Consultation- TEFL Certification with Henry Harvin at 07:01pm (Central Time – US & Canada) on Monday, September 7, 2020 is scheduled.

I am Linda, an ESL Career Consultant

Want to get $20/hr Work from Home ESL Teaching Job by doing American Association Approved TEFL Certification Course:

How YOU Benefit?

– 100% Interview Guaranteed immediately after enrollment

– Prepare you to grab a $3000/month job

– Qualify for 12000+ Jobs from 6+countries

What YOU Get?

– Get Immediate Access to 120hrs TEFL course

– Exclusive LMS Access

– Outstanding Academicians

– Best Pedagogical Practices

Book your appointment for 30 Minutes Consultation to understand how it can help you to become a TEFL Trainer.


Linda ******

+1 ***-***-****

At 7:01 Monday, Labor Day, CT, I signed into the Zoom “Interview” and no one connected. I called the 408 phone number listed in the email and a woman who barely spoke English herself said she was having computer trouble and asked if we could do the “interview” by phone. Which I agreed to do.

It was not an interview at all. This Linda was reading from script and telling me basically the same thing that was in the previous two emails. I asked her how they got my email address and she said she was working from home and could not answer that and would refer my question to the “complaint department.” (?)

I asked her why she was interested in having me teach if she knew nothing about me and did not have my resume. She then repeated (read) the same information from her script over again.

I asked her if this was a scam and would it cost me money? She replied that it was not a scam and would cost me no money.

I asked her why she was not asking for my qualifications. She replied that she would do that next. Instead, she read the same script over again from the beginning.

I forced my qualifications on her and then she ignored what I said and read the same script from the beginning for the fourth time, as if she did not even understand what I was saying.

I interrupted her and asked her what I needed to do to get started, log in to the website, schedule students, and get paid.

She ignored that and said that I need a high school degree or a BA. I told her that I had a BA in English and had taught ESL for many years. She then said that the ESL “companies” they work with require a special certification. I told her I had no such special certification. She then, finally, admitted that I must have that and that Henry Harvin could provide that but it WOULD COST MONEY!

At that point, I simply said, “I knew this was a scam to get money out of me. This ‘interview” is over.” And I hung up.

I immediately, designated their email address and phone number as SPAM.

Do not get involved with this. They are in India not San Francisco, and even though they have San Francisco phone number and address is it most likely fake.

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