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“Hidden fees all over the shop”

2 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Andrew.

They are polite and friendly when they want you to enroll but once you have enrolled their customer care is nonexistent. They just don’t seem to care. At all! Hidden fees all over the shop which are not included in the course fee. It costs around $50 (American) for a 2-week course extension. It costs around $150 (American) in total to have the certificate delivered. It costs around $100 (American) to get the i to i certificate certified in order to qualify for the Chinese Z visa. And it will cost you dearly if you accept a paid teaching placement with this company. They just want your money. It’s a real shame really because the course was OK. Sure, it was riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes but I learnt quite a lot and I thought it approached the theory of teaching in a relatable way for the student. Would I take the course again if I went back in time? No way. Will I recommend i to i to friends and people I meet? No way. I hope the peeps at i to i read this review and improve pronto because they just can’t be running a business like this. It’s just not fair on their paying customers.

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