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“The lessons are very good, but the marking is very poor”

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Is TEFL Academy Legit The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Bethany.

Is TEFL Academy Legit? The lessons are very good, but the marking is very poor.

I want to start with what I liked about my TEFL Academy TESOL course.

It is a self-paced course, with some assistance along the way, and this was exactly what I was looking for in terms of flexibility and freedom of study. I was able to complete modules at home, in the park, anywhere where I had @ and where it was quiet enough for me to be able to focus properly. The course covers many areas of teaching English, and I really liked how it was presented. I guess you could just steam through the course and finish it within a few days by not reading the texts and just answering the questions, but you would be missing out on a lot. As a caveat though, I do need to add that this is the only online TEFL course which I have taken, so it is impossible for me to compare it with any others.

And what I didn’t like about my TEFL Academy TESOL course.

What did let the course down though was the feedback on the coursework. The feedback was copy and paste material. At least it seemed clearly obvious to me that it was. I felt demotivated by this because I hadn’t needed to work my butt off so much on them, thinking that my work would be fully read by a qualified moderator.

I do recommend the course, but my advice is not to take the coursework too seriously. As long as your lesson plan looks good enough, you will receive the exact same feedback which I received when I submitted mine.

As a final note, I can write that there wasn’t that much help with a job search, but I didn’t require this support anyway.

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