“I consider CIEE TEFL to be an excellent company for online teacher training”

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150-Hour TEFL Certification CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Christine.

150-Hour TEFL Certification.

The CIEE TEFL program was the only one offering the 150-hour course with 20 hours of real-world teaching practice. The price was a little steep, but when I compared all the fees with the in-class ones it still came out as being significantly more affordable.

I taught my 20 hours to students online. This was something that I preferred doing, as opposed to teaching in person. I guess that before COVID 19 it would have been possible to teach the 20 hours in person. But again, the 100% online format suited me just fine. Teaching the training classes online also meant that I gained that experience of the online teaching English side of things. I have been teaching online since and this course prepared me very well for that.

A little about the course now.

It is designed nicely and obviously has been created with the student teacher in mind. There aren’t lots of fillers, so all of the information conveyed is absolutely relevant for the given module you are on at the time. I had the support of an online tutor, who was great throughout. I couldn’t have imagined taking the course without this tutor’s help. Some of the parts are difficult (especially the grammar modules) so these were times when having someone on the other end to guide me was a great reassurance.

I consider CIEE TEFL to be an excellent company for online teacher training.

I highly recommend them and I also highly recommend teaching English online.

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