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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Drew.

This was a really great TEFL option for me. I didn’t have the money to travel overseas for an in-class TEFL course, and I didn’t really have the time for it either. Plus, the costs of taking the TEFL in class are prohibitively expensive. I searched online for in-class courses and they want $2,000 just for the course. Then, there are the travel and accommodation expenses, and I know that I always spend more money in a country where I am new in. So, when I found out that this option existed online I went ahead with my online search and CIEE TEFL was the school that kept showing at the top of Google search. It isn’t an online/in-class course per se, because you teach the in-class segment online, but it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a fully in-class course and the price of the course was significantly lower than if I had taken one in a bricks and mortar facility overseas. As far as I can tell, the certificate issued through the CIEE program is practically identical to the in-class certificate examples I’ve seen on Google Images. When I interview for jobs now, I write that I have an in-class TEFL certificate and this hasn’t been at all questioned. I recommended this course to friends.

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