“I’m giving the ITTT TEFL program 3 from 5 stars”

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3 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Seth.

The learning material was logically presented but there was no feedback. There wasn’t any feedback because I did choose the cheaper of the two-course options, which doesn’t include online tutor support. If I were to take the course again, I would choose the more expensive option with online tutor feedback.

I was swayed into taking the online TEFL through the ITTT TEFL program, largely because they seem to be specialized in placing teachers in Korea. I’m not sure when it will be possible to travel to Korea to teach, but I’m happy that this certificate will be useful for teaching there.

Regarding the learning material, I don’t have anything negative to write. As I wrote, it was logically presented. The material is presented via texts and a handful of video tutorials. The texts are presented really well and so are the video components. This is definitely a self-guided course, so once again, if you are completely new to TEFL (as I was) you might want to pay the extra $$ for tutor support.

What really stood out for me were the grammar sections. They don’t just teach you the mechanics of grammar, but also instruct on how and when to apply different grammar areas to classroom lesson plans. For me, these were the most useful sections of the course. Before I took the course, I had absolutely no idea how to structure a lesson plan. In 20/20 hindsight, the first lesson plan I created was a totally undisciplined mess of a lesson plan. The course identifies and breaks down the different stages of a lesson plan, so you can condense what you want to be teaching into a 60-minute class. I really needed this discipline and towards the end of the course, I was able to differentiate the different sections of a lesson plan which (paying) students would be happy with following in a classroom and which I, as the teacher, would be happy teaching.

If you don’t have any classroom experience, your first attempt at creating a lesson plan will be a sorry attempt, but if you focus o the course, you WILL quickly learn what is, and what isn’t expected within this area.

On a separate note, I found a blog, written by ITTT’s Marketing Manager – Linda Dunsmore – who lived and taught in Kore for many years, and her blog is a treasure trove of useful facts and tips for applying for work in Korea. she also covers topics like what you can expect teaching English in South Korea, the local customs, etc. So for me, a big shout-out goes out to Linda. I understand that she is employed by ITTT, but she never tried to initiate had-sell tactics for their job placement services.

I was happy with my decision to study through the ITTT TEFL program.

They have a strong online presence and despite not having the best reviews, I just put that down to people who were not motivated enough to get off their couches and look for work on their own backs.

My final point is that this is an online TEFL course, with no face-to-face interaction. I liked this. It brings down the cost of tuition and means you can study as you go. At your own pace. If I were to take another TEFL course, like an advanced one, I would take it online again. Seems pretty ridiculous to pay $$$$ just for the luxury of the in-class study program tuition.

I’m giving the ITTT TEFL program 3 from 5 stars. If I had chosen the more expensive option, this probably would have been a 4 from 5 stars review.

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