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“The 168 Hour TESOL from this company is a good choice”

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168 Hour TESOL The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Simon.

The 168 Hour TESOL from this company is a good choice.

I did think though that the course was unnecessarily lengthy and drawn out. It seemed to me that the designers of the course added a lot of text padding in order to make it a 168 Hour TESOL course. I chose this program because TEFL Academy offer more hours than most, but the extra hours made little difference when I was interviewing for jobs. The basic requirement for schools seems to be a TESOL that lists 120 hours. Maybe I’m wrong, but that was my experience.

It was a pretty good course though. Despite the padding, a lot was covered. They made certain to include a lot of grammar work, which is an area that I for one definitely needed help with. It’s mostly text-based though, and I found myself needing to go searching online for more explanations for some parts. One of the issues I had was with the explanation of time tenses and conditionals. These were explained in detail in the course, but the Youtube videos I found on the subjects gave some more clarity on when to use each one and for which levels.

The final unit is denoted to finding work and help with the CV and cover letter writing. This was very useful because I wasn’t certain how either should look for teaching interviews. On my CV, I listed all of the units taken in the course and that worked out well with how my CV was accepted. There wasn’t any actual help in finding work other than the links given within the unit. I could have done with a bit more guidance. At the same time though, I was satisfied not to have been hard-sold a job placement at the end.

I would say go for the course if you have your sights set on it. If I had to choose again, I wouldn’t not choose to do it. I’m just not convinced that the extra 48 hours make such a difference.

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