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“What I liked about the course was the flexibility”

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The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Tim.

I decided to do the TEFL Academy Level 5 TEFL Course because I am planning to move abroad and it seemed like a very useful qualification that might help me to find work in other countries.
The course is well laid out and easy to follow with a dashboard showing progress. You cannot advance to the next module until the current one is finished. Each module has a test at the end which can be taken a number of times if necessary. At first, I tried to get through it as quickly as possible but my test results were only just enough to pass. Then I started making notes as I went along and following up on some of the suggested additional material and this helped improve my scores.
I found grammar a challenge, mainly because I don’t remember ever being taught it at school, but I managed. It also helped me understand some of the terms in learning to speak another language myself!
The assignments were a bit more demanding than I had anticipated, it’s worth taking time to look at all the material provided and do some research of your own.
What I liked about the course was the flexibility so I could fit it into my own schedule and the response from the support staff was prompt.
I was a bit surprised that there is no practical assessment of actually teaching English, but having done a lot of training and teaching in my day job, I was confident about that aspect.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of teaching English as a second language. There is a useful section at the end of the course designed to help you find jobs.

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