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“Level 5 TESOL course certification – The TEFL Academy”

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Level 5 TESOL course certification The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Michele.

Level 5 TESOL course certification – The TEFL Academy.

On paper, this course looks great. It covers 168 hours, which is far more than most other TESOL courses, and it comes with a designated online tutor.

However, once you’re all signed up and raving to go the reality comes like hitting a brick wall at 90 miles an hour.

It’s a very basic course. So basic that I can’t imagine anyone really learning anything from it. I also can’t imagine how anyone could possibly fail a course like this.

The modules are very thin on anything that could be described as engaging. Everything just comes over as really simplistic. The syllabus looks impressive, but the modules just don’t address the content well enough.

And forget the so-called online tutor feedback. Instead, expect copied and pasted replies with little to no relevance to the question asked. There is also little to no guidance for the assignments, and the assignment feedback was pretty pathetic.

I didn’t learn much on this 168-hour course, which took me a little over a week to complete. I just can’t see how this course can legitimately get away with being advertised as a 168-hour course when in reality it is more like a 70-80 hour course. Very poor indeed.

Would give the course one star from five. Receiving the certificate relatively promptly at the end increases my review of The TEFL Academy Level 5 TESOL certification course to an overall two stars from five. And that’s me being generous.

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