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“The course wasn’t bad, but it seems their after sales services could up a notch or three.”

3 star online tefl review

International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Callum.

I also finished the online version of ITA (International TEFL Academy, operating our of Chicago IL). As someone with a Masters from a prestigious college and with no prior background in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, I found the course very easy and relatively useful. Like so many online (or in-person) classes, you get as much as you put in. I honestly did next to no research to compare programs and picked ITA because it appeared legit enough. I want to teach in South Korea sometime not so far into the distant future. I was hoping an ITA certificate would give me a bit more flexibility on where I ended up. I haven’t gotten a job yet (not for any fault from ITA, but because I’m still working full-time and don’t have the time yet to delve in with research options) so I can’t comment on their after sales pitch. I did have a friend though who did the exact same ITA course as me and his assessment was their job guidance is decent but still very self driven (they’ll proofread your resume and give you a list of schools to look at, but not much else). I hope this review doesn’t put anyone off taking the ITA online course. The course wasn’t bad, but it seems their after sales services could up a notch or three.

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