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ESLinsider Online TEFL TESOL Certification Course Reviews Warning

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ESLinsider reviews scam? currently doesn’t have any reviews for the ESLinsider Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program.

On July 29, 2020, Trusted TEFL Reviews added a blacklisted warning to the ESLinsider Online TEFL/TESOL (TEKA) certification program and its owner, Ian Leahy. The reason for this is explained in the following two articles:

North American English Teachers arrested because of Ian Leahy/ESLinsider diploma documents fraud

Ian Leahy/ESLinsider attack its competition for their own financial reward

It was recently brought to our attention (through a credible third-party source) that the reason for this absence of reviews is because this is possibly a fake TEFL program, run by a fraudulent individual.

This is the reason for this ESLinsider reviews scam notice.

ESLinsider is run by a guy who goes by the identity, ‘Ian Leahy’. He appears to spend a lot of his free time publishing defamatory material and conspiracy theories on his school blog. Incredibly, these posts are all about other Online TEFL programs; i.e. his business competition.

This in itself should be a red flag for anyone considering whether to pay money to him.

We also feel that it is very strange that the only reviews of are on, and (with the exception of one, 4-star review) they all appear to be 5-star ratings.

ESLinsider also doesn’t appear to have any social media footprint to speak of at all.

Ian Leahy likes to painstakingly point out that he has reviews on his YouTube channel – something that he, of course, has control over.

We also noticed a batch of recently written (June, 2020) Quora posts about Ian’s course: five reviews and all written within a couple of days of each other.

We checked and all of the posts were written by people who joined Quora just to write their review. And the language structure in all five reviews is remarkably similar.

Prior to this sudden burst of enthusiasm from his (real?) course graduates, no-one had written any feedback of Ian’s courses on Quora since he first began advertising his program.

We just wonder how Ian Leahy can’t see that people can spot those fake Quora reviews from a mile off.

Here is one of those Quora posts which Ian has successfully managed to market online for himself:

TEFL TESOL scam review
One of five Quora reviews published within a few days of each other and all strongly claiming ESLinsider is legitimate.

In recent weeks, we also noticed that Ian Leahy has been spreading garbage online about, and spreading garbage online about the top 5 TEFL/TESOL courses listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews. We, therefore, did a bit of digging into this individual and the course he is peddling – marketing himself with a painted blue face while he does so – and the red flags just kept popping up.

About ESLinsider
Ian Leahy’s online marketing strategy in full swing.

It is the professional opinion of our credible source that this ‘Ian Leahy’ is probably an English teacher, living in Fukuoka, Japan, who created a website and who tries to drum up business for his unrecognized courses by attacking the big TEFL/TESOL course players with outright lies – hoping to catch some crumbs of business by doing so. It is also the professional opinion of our credible source that the reviews which he lists on his website are probably fake.

We advise proceeding with extreme caution when dealing with this individual.

If you do find yourself being convinced to take his TEFL course (if it exists at all) then ask the owner for examples of reviews that are not listed exclusively on his website, or on his YouTube channel, or on Quora. We advise asking Ian for reviews written on third-party review websites, where he has no control over the content of those reviews.

In the meantime, Ian’s program will remain on – acting as a public service warning.

His introductory, zero-review rating does mean he will need to begin (alphabetically) at the bottom of the Trusted TEFL Reviews ranking table and then work his way up, once we begin receiving verified customer reviews, written by real people.

We welcome any comments from Ian Leahy, and we welcome any student reviews of his program so that we can actually hear from anyone who might have taken his Online TEFL course.

Ian has been contacted and invited to add his response to this post.

If it transpires that our information is wrong, we will delete this ESLinsider reviews scam warning.

Mia Williams

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  1. This is an update on the contents in the above post regarding ESLinsider and its one-man-show creator, Ian Leahy.

    Trusted TEFL Reviews reached out to Ian, but Ian has chosen not to comment on why he has been spreading garbage online about and spreading garbage online about the top 5 TEFL/TESOL courses listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews.

    If Ian has nothing to hide, we thought he would have jumped at the chance to explain his actions in a transparent manner and clear up the question over whether his TEFL course is a scam or not.

    Ian’s silence is very worrying.

    Mia Williams

  2. OMG. Just looked at the ESLinsider blog and (like you wrote) he DOES trash all of his competition on it! It’s also his MAIN website where he promotes his online TEFL course! Wow! How totally unprofessional! I would never take a course with that guy. What if I somehow got on his wrong side? I would be so worried he would start attacking ME online too! Hopefully enough people read this article so it either puts him out of business, or makes him seriously rethink how he runs his business. Wow!

  3. Rachel.

    Thanks for your message!

    I hadn’t thought of that. But yes, you make a very good point when you write that Ian Leahy has demonstrated that he is capable of trashing all of his competition online – so what would prevent him from online trashing an individual who disagreed with him over something that he had a vested interest in.

    The irony for me in this whole affair is that Ian Leahy likes to present himself as a bastion of truth. But when you see how he clearly manipulates reviews of his program, and when you see how he tries to throw mud at an unbiased Online TEFL reviews website, you see that the main motivation behind his behavior boils down to simply drumming up business for his TEFL course – trashing everyone and anyone (in Ian Leahy’s warped perception) who crosses his path in the process.

    It is actually individuals just like Ian Leahy, who contribute to giving the online TEFL industry a bad reputation.

    Mia Williams

  4. I had a quick look through that guy’s site and at first I thought it was a joke site.
    He can’t really think anyone would take him serious the way he paints his face different colors and writes all that baloney about all his business rivals?
    I understand why you have added the warning label for Ian Leahy and ESLinsider, but I really don’t think anyone with an ounce of sanity would take what he writes as anything other than borderline crazy.
    Btw, I found my TEFL course through the reviews on, so thanks a lot for providing this excellent website and every success for the future!

  5. Hello Trusted TEFL Reviews,

    I’m pretty confident that I share the view of the majority of Ian Leahy’s business competition (i.e. other Online TEFL schools) when I write that we are tired of the incessant, misleading content that he spreads online.

    I don’t think that everyone is aware of the fact that Ian Leahy runs a TEFL program (eslinsider) of his own, and that his sole intention is to cash in on new trainees taking his course.

    He tries to present an image of a champion of truth, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    Ian is well-known throughout the Online TEFL community as an individual who spends the majority of his free time spreading false gossip online about his business competition.

    We have read the article about Ian Leahy’s courses being banned in China, and I must write that we are hardly surprised by the news.

    If only Ian would focus more of his time on the quality of his course, he wouldn’t need to act in the way that he does.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

  6. I wish I had bothered to do my research before falling for this scam. Ian Leahy from eslinsider took $300 from me, for a course he claims is “accepted worldwide”. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The course (if you can really call it that) is nothing more than a handful of poorly executed videos. The real clanger came when I began applying for jobs online. It was then when I came face-to-face with the sobering reality that the certificate awarded by Ian isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It wasn’t accepted by any of the schools I sent my job application to. Let’s just hope that more people become aware of Ian’s scam.

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