“ITTO Online (distance learning) TEFL/TESOL certification course review.”

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ITTO review, submitted by Amy.

ITTO Online (distance learning) TEFL/TESOL certification course review.

I am very satisfied with my learning experience through the ITTO Online TEFL program and wanted to share a little of my positive experience here on

The online study platform works seamlessly – without any bugs that I was initially worried there might be with a purely online study course. The staff were really helpful too and answered my questions well. I was considering taking their Onsite TEFL course in Latin America, but at the last moment opted to take the Online version instead and it was a great decision both in terms of course price and the flexibility that it afforded me. Can’t see why anyone would choose to take their TEFL Onsite: you save so much time and money taking it Online. Definitely a good decision. No regrets. Amy.

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