tefl online pro - Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019

“I can recommend the tefl online program, and I can recommend Brazil as a teaching English location. Super!”

5 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Stuart.

A friend recommended this program to me and as she had taken the 120 hour course (industry standard) I followed her lead and enrolled on the tefl online pro Professional TESOL course. This is a TESOL company committed to supporting you through the study process and making sure you find a good job. I was interested in teaching in Brazil, and the information I received from their staff was more than enough for what I needed to have a clear overview of what was required of me in order to legally teach for a good school in Florianopolis. The course was only a couple hundred bucks, so there is your reason for taking a course like this if like me you don’t have so much cash languishing in your bank account. The certificate was issued super-fast, and since moving here to Brazil, I haven’t looked back since. Onwards and upwards! I can recommend the tefl online program, and I can recommend Brazil as a teaching English location. Super!

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One comment

  1. Hi there, Stuart!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback on your tefl online pro experience.

    It’s great news for us to read that you chose to take the course based on a friend’s recommendation. It’s also great news that you found a new home, teaching English in Brazil.

    Wishing you a lovely day ahead.

    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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