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“There is absolutely no excuse, in 2019, to objectify women for marketing purposes.”

Blacklisted Online TEFL Program.

2 star online tefl review

ESL Insider review, submitted by Anonymous.

My nerves almost got the better of me, as I precariously sat on the fence: a jump over to one side and I would walk away without giving my feedback. The second, a much braver, truthful act, whereby I could look at myself in the mirror after having written my review of the Teach abroad TEFL program.

This is definitely a one man show, and at the helm is a wannabe Captain Jack Sparrow type, who goes by the name of Ian Leahy.

I stumbled across both him, and his course, as I was searching the web for an Online TEFL course which would deliver me best bang for my buck.

Ian was literally everywhere.

In hindsight though, I should have been aware of the numerous red flags associated with his posts, and web content.

It isn’t uncommon for companies today to publish price comparisons, to convince you their product is cheaper, but Ian likes to go further, by digging his competition into the ground.

Still, he came over as being an expert in the field, and seeing that he offered a week’s trial for free, I bit the bullet and enrolled.

How could I have been so naive? There is no such thing as a free lunch, and no such thing as a free trial – more like a goldfish entering the jaws of a hammerhead shark.

So yes, eventually I felt pressurized into taking his 120-hour course – which, incidentally, is termed something different now – but I soon came to realize that the course was all about Ian.

At $300 it wasn’t cheap either, and definitely not good value for money.

Yes, the course wasn’t so text-heavy (although I could have benefited from this). Instead, it was a series of videos – where Ian demonstrated his teaching skills, while as his ego watched on from the sidelines.

I’m not saying this is a terrible course. It isn’t.

But, when I read yesterday, regarding his prevalence to renting women in return for “favors”, I felt sick to the stomach.

There is absolutely no excuse, in 2019, to objectify women for marketing purposes.

Turns out, Ian spent some time in a San Francisco love hotel, creating his “international” Online TEFL course.

I just hope that the woman in the picture got herself the hell out of that situation:

To conclude, I didn’t hate the course. I did learn something from it. But I do question Ian’s education background. And his moral compass.

Besides, the only reviews of his Online TEFL program are listed on his school website, and they all provide high feedback comments. Does he think anyone really believes them? And why does he spend so much time, trashing competitive Online TEFL schools, when he claims to have trained up thousands of students, who all give him five-star review feedback. Google any Online TEFL program, and one of his blog posts are sure to feature on the first page, where he trashes well-established Online TEFL certification program after another, for his own sadistic, financial, pleasure.

Would have I chosen to take the course again? No, no no! I would have run a mile. Thank, Jesus, I didn’t add my real name to this review, or else I might have some serious issues ahead.

Perhaps the last, sinister, nail in the reddit TEFL coffin of questionable ethics, is that Ian Leahy, who preaches under multiple aliases, such as ‘TEFLoutsider’ / ‘TEFLinsider’ / ‘ESL Outsider’ / ‘ESL Insider’, is one of the moderators on, and he also runs his own Online TEFL certification program. This is a clear case of a conflict of interests, and further questions the legitimacy of reddit as a source of unbiased, impartial information.

This review was published on behalf of ‘Anonymous’, by Mia Williams. Chief bottle washer at

Trusted TEFL Reviews is no longer accepting any further reviews for the ESLinsider TEFL/TESOL Online certification program.

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