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“I wholeheartedly recommend tefl online pro.”

4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Jennifer.

At first I was hesitant to enroll on the tefl online pro course because there are so many scam stories about people paying for a course and then never receiving it. At this point I want to thank Paul (who was ace) in having the patience to answer all of my questions. I did decide to enroll and it obviously wasn’t a scam, or else I wouldn’t be awarding them 4 stars now 🙂

Positives of the tefl online pro program.

  1. As I wrote, Paul was SO helpful answering my questions and also very quick to answer my questions. Kudos to you Paul!
  2. The payment method was without incident and I was charged correctly. I paid with my credit card but I see they also accept paypal (handy I guess for anyone with a paypal account).
  3. The course kept me interested throughout and I really liked answering questions in the quiz when each module was complete. This made the learning experience fun and conducive to learning the facts and systems.
  4. I was surprised at how quickly my certificate was issued, and it looks amazing on my resume. A recommendation letter is also issued and this really impressed the school I interviewed at to be accepted at the job I’m teaching at now.
  5. tefl online pro are really big on continuing the helpful support when you’ve finished the course too. They were instrumental in my successfully interviewing and landing my teaching spot.
  6. I took the course last Fall and I still ask the odd question from time to time. Never have I had to wait more than a day for a helpful response.
  7. I never had any issue with the certification. They claim to be internationally recognized and they are.

Negatives of the tefl online pro program.

  1. When you complete the course, your course access is stopped. I would have liked to still enjoy access to the activities and lesson plans after this time.
  2. I had problems getting my head round the 2 grammar modules. They just don’t teach us grammar at school! I understand that learning to teach grammar is a requirement of all TEFL programs, but perhaps they could issue a pre-reading grammar book list? I think it would help those people with little understanding of how English grammar works.

To conclude. This is a wonderful program, provided by people who are obviously motivated by high standards and attention to the customers’ needs. I have absolutely no regrets choosing tefl online pro over the other TEFL programs I considered taking, and I wholeheartedly recommend tefl online pro. And this means a lot because people who know me know that I’m a hard person to please 🙂

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for your lovely review. Since you graduated we have begun issuing a further recommended reading book list for any customers who want to specialize further in their grammar knowledge. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Paul.

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