“a good investment”

4 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Doug.

My school in China suggested I complete a TEFL course due to the stricter visa rules which have been introduced here recently, so I looked around online and read a blog where a couple were teaching around the world on a myTEFL teaching certificate. They are having a whale of a time, so I decided on the spot to choose this certification program. The course also came with a discount and that made it a lot lighter on the pocket.

Having taught for over 3 years already, I wasn’t expecting to learn so much by taking this course, but I was actually surprised at how useful some of the lesson plan and activity tips were.

I can’t comment on their job support as I don’t need it.

I think that for the money it was a good investment and I thought the course had some strengths and a few areas for further development.

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One comment

  1. Didn’t you take a moment and think why that couple are writing a blog about their TEFL course and how they can afford to travel around the world? They make money promoting MyTEFL courses and they made money from getting you to sign up to the course. Some people can be so naive sometimes!

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