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“having a hard time right now trying to find work with this certificate.”

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2 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by SM.

The Online Level 5 TEFL Academy course is a 168hrs program but you could easily half those hours and still have room for some editing of the online materials. I just found it overly complicated and unnecessarily long. I was also very surprised to notice spelling and grammatical errors on the materials and this just didn’t fair well for my overall impression of the program. I see they have a 50% discount now, but instead of reducing the cost of the course, I feel they should improve its materials content. Yes, I’m angry that I paid for a course that is now 50% slashed in price and yes, I think this reflects the desperation of a school trying to peddle a subpar course. Not a lot of thought is placed on applying for jobs and I’m actually having a hard time right now trying to find work with this certificate.

The TEFL Academy Warning! Before you decide whether to choose to take your TEFL certification with this company, we strongly urge you to read the following TEFL Academy/TTA Scam article:

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    – Were you able to find a job?
    – Where were you searching for a job?
    – What were your other credentials?

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