The TEFL Academy

“having a hard time right now trying to find work with this certificate.”

2 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by SM.

The Online Level 5 TEFL Academy course is a 168hrs program but you could easily half those hours and still have room for some editing of the online materials. I just found it overly complicated and unnecessarily long. I was also very surprised to notice spelling and grammatical errors on the materials and this just didn’t fair well for my overall impression of the program. I see they have a 50% discount now, but instead of reducing the cost of the course I feel they should improve its materials content. Yes, I’m angry that I paid for a course which is now 50% slashed in price and yes, I think this reflects the desperation of a school trying to peddle a subpar course. Not a lot of thought is placed on applying for jobs and I’m actually having a hard time right now trying to find work with this certificate.

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