ITTO TEFL/TESOL certification review

4 star online tefl review

ITTO review, submitted by Jill.

It has been a good few years now since I took my 120 hour TEFL-TESOL course with ITTO and having stumbled across this website while looking for English teaching resources, I thought I would leave a quick feedback note.

I do still remember most of the course content and the overall memory is that it was very informative, but very wordy. But I guess all TEFL courses studied online do need to be wordy. Still, I remember thinking that a bit more reliance on multi media would have definitely helped the general course layout and would have definitely made it a more interesting study process. I don’t know how other TEFL schools have their courses set up, so I can only imagine that this is the standard norm.

My tutor was excellent and communication with ITTO TEFL was also excellent.

I do remember there not being a whole load of after course support, like help in finding a teaching English job, but I already had one lined up so this didn’t affect my overall opinion of my course experience.

I’d definitely recommend the 120 hour TEFL-TESOL certification course. I can’t compare it to others though because I haven’t taken any other courses online.

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