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INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Simon.

Choosing this online TEFL course was a no-brainer really. Further down the road, I want to teach English in Japan and INTESOL has a brick-and-mortar school there so it was a perfect square shape in a square hole. I have taken online courses before and considered the ones which I had taken as being over-priced cons: they were never difficult to complete, were always very light on content, and left you feeling no more educated when finished. INTESOL Worldwide’s international online course on the other hand is the exact opposite of my prior experiences. The course is demanding, yet easy to follow. The course content is motivating and at the end of the course, I felt satisfied and confident. If I only had one niggle then it would be the silly pricing that they have on their school website. The course is described as usually costing £345.00 but I paid £175.00. Yep, the course is always 175. Other than this though, everything went smoothly and I can’t wait to start my teaching English abroad career over in Japan!

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