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UNI-Prep review, submitted by L C.

Seeing as though I didn’t want to build on my student loan debt, I chose to study an online course and my internet search led me to choose UNI-Prep’s 120-hour TESOL certification course.

The pros of this course:

I took full advantage of the use of my personal tutor and she was very prompt in responding to my questions.

I appreciated the PDF formatting of the units as I was able to work offline as well as online.

The course price was reasonably priced compared with some other programs.

The audio-video components in the units integrated well with the reading tasks and contributed to a user-friendly study experience.

I could study at my own pace.

The cons of this course:

It was meant to take 120 hours but I completed it after a week with just a few hours of study per day.

The course includes a quiz which seemed a little pointless to me as the correct answers were not shown when you got a question wrong.

The sound quality on some of the videos wasn’t the best.

Their job guidance is a very deflating experience. I asked for this and was directed to a third-party job site.

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